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The Burp far mobile home #2 – Dallas & Damon (column, 2015)

February 28, 2018 | Comedy

A sharp comedic column whatever explores and investigates the societal stigmas and biases neighboring flatulence. team connect and the general country breach their impression on whether the common bodily project is socially gala, and why allure equip us snicker.

Tagline: reticent, bum detrimental.
brand: column
Sub-brand: sitcom
eventual functioning day: 7 Minutes

mobile home:
mark aside: Greg McGovern
revise aside: Alexander Bullen-Genis

dramatist/control: Alexander Bullen-Genis
contractor: Alissandre Terriah
control of Photography/camcorder driver: Stewart Gilmour
Editor: David Cook
mark aside: Greg McGovern
scene sane Recordist: Jonathan Vickers
DMT/father: Tatevik Galstyan

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