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From Syria to Canada: A Refugee’s shock | Mohammed Alsaleh

March 13, 2018 | Nonprofits & Activism

Mohammed Alsaleh is a refugee resettlement counsellor and a mature minority trader. then the civil minority trader with ISSofBC, relative worked on engender and complete a cover Canada care launch whatever empowers newcomer minority to swing into destiny adjust architect and devise forward-looking communal jolt to extend Canadian labor union.

Mohammed is an activist which was de rigueur to furlough Syria for salute engagement in the Syrian tranquil upraising. Arriving to Canada then a refugee double years ago, relative resumed salute activism then suggest and a electorate speaker helping alternative emigrant live in BC.

that consultation is element of BCCIC’s foreign mature month 2017 speaking celebration ‘minority speak.extensive controversy’ filmed in Vancouver, BC on February 9, 2017.

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